The Rules of Noon As-Sakinah and Tanween


The rules of Noon As-Sakinah are four:

1) Al-Ith’har

2) Al-Idghaam

3) Al-Iqlaab

4) Al-Ikhfaa’

1 – Al-Ith’har  الإِظْهَار

Literal meaning: To make something clear

The rule: If after Nûn Sakinah or Tanween comes any of the Ith’har letters then it will be read clearly with no merging or sounds.

The Ith’har letters are also the Huroof Halqiyah (throat letters), hence its also known as Ith’har Halqi

Letters of Ith’har: هَمْزٌ  هَاءٌعَيْنٌ  حَاءٌغَيْنٌ  خَاءٌ

Examples of Ith’har with Noon As-Sakinah:
ith'har 1
Examples of Ith’har with Tanween:ith'har 2

Ith’haar with Nun-Saakinah
Ith’haar with Tanween



35 thoughts on “The Rules of Noon As-Sakinah and Tanween

  1. masha’Allah, what a beautiful website, great effort. Is it possible to have audio to go along with the text? Everyday, I am writing out one rule and trying to commit to memory and improve my recitation insha’Allah.


  2. Jazakumu llahu khair. This website was very helpful for me. I would also like to see lines from the poem “Tuhfatul Atfaal” which is the proof of each rule


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